Sunday, November 22, 2009

The beginning

So I thought I would start from the beginning and work my way to now. My first realization that my dad had a more unique career than others was in kindergarten where we had to bring your parents to school. I understood my classmates fathers who talked about being a police officer and how he helped people, the father who was constructing buildings and even the fathers who worked at the offices downtown. But then my dad began talking and I was somewhat confused. All the other fathers handed out 911 magnets or fun stickers, but all my dad had to offer was some brochure that I could not even read, how boring! It was true my dad did have an office and he did help people, but he was not the run of the mill father and then I soon learned that my father was anything but boring.
When I started going to his work place I saw things that did not seem right to me. Why did he have these weird colored looking beds that random people were sleeping in? I did not understand why someone would pay my father to sleep in these seemingly uncomfortable concoctions. He tried to explain that there people were not just taking a relaxing nap but they were actually sleeping forever. At this age I was still confused so I just nodded my head naively. The only thing that I knew was every time I went to this weird place I was allowed free pop from the vendor in the center lounge.

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