Monday, November 23, 2009

From limos to hearses

How many of you out there can say you have been rode around in a horse drown hearse? Another perk I have of being a Funeral Director’s daughter. It’s like a glass casket on wheels driven by a horse and of course we have to own one? What happened to the simple station wagon? I guess there is nothing simple about the dead. All I know is I am happy I was riding in the front and not near that glass casket area.
We also owned a black limo and I loved to think that for some reason when I was 16 it would be all mine, sadly we sold it when I was 14, but hey! A girl can dream. The only downside about having these cars is that it takes a long time to clean them. Once when I was younger as a punishment I had to wash these cars in the big scary garage all by myself! Talk about cruel and unusual punishment.

1 comment:

  1. Cinderella would most definitely have a horse drawn, glass hearse.

    Do you use Windex to clean the glass one? Can't have a streaky hearse on that special day!