Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Everyone has been asked that question, "what is a random fact about yourself?" You know the one that teachers or bosses ask to get to know more about you? And for some reason I have always answered, "well I am the daughter of a Funeral Director." And it is pretty funny to see the look on people's faces, like they have seen a ghost or something. But it's not just the title that is random, but the random things I have done because of that title.
For example, there is a big garage with caskets along side the walls and hearses galore where I used to practice my spike. Extra points if you hit the gold casket! Many people would think that is creepy and bizarre but I just looked at it as a huge place to practice my serve. Or would one ever think to bring a pimped out hearse to prom? Because I definitely did. Many normal teens would want to get a stretch limo, but not me. Why not use the resources you have? And after my prom dream I had to start concentrating about college and applications. So where would be the perfect spot? Hmm...the back lounge in the funeral home because let's face it, whose quieter than the dead?

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